Smile Brighter with Dr. Lawson’s Cosmetic Dentistry Services

A beautiful smile can improve everyone’s confidence no matter who you are. Straighter, whiter teeth aren’t just vanity, but great ways to feel better and make a stunning first impression. At the dental office of Dr. Lawson, we specialize in cosmetic dentistry designed to help you smile your best. Whether you want to fix the look or orientation of your teeth, we have the services available to help you achieve the beautiful teeth you truly deserve.

Choose from any of the following services:

  • Bonding
  • Whitening
  • Clearliner™

Dr. Lawson achieves a good result by carefully planning and case selection. We will do a wax-up of your current case and then present a mock-up to show you what your finished smile may look like. This way we can have a good idea of what is acceptable to both the dentist and the patient before any teeth are permanently altered.

Call our office today to discuss your cosmetic dental needs. A perfect smile is waiting for you!
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