Keep Your Teeth Their Whitest with White Fillings

Traditionally tooth fillings have been made of silver, providing an excellent way to restore decaying teeth. However, Dr. Lawson knows that patients these days are more conscious about the look and colour of their teeth. This is why we offer our patients composite resin fillings or “white fillings”, which are a tooth-coloured plastic and glass mixture used instead of the discolouring silver.

The composite is applied to the tooth in layers using a special light to harden each one. Once the process is finished, the dentist will shape the filling to fit the tooth. Afterwards, everything gets polished to prevent staining and early wear.

White Fillings vs. Silver Fillings

Patients are warned before they opt for white fillings, that well-done silver fillings usually do not need replacement if they are sound. Meanwhile, white fillings are light-cured plastics with a complicated chemistry and will not last as long. We want to provide you with all the information before you make the decision.

Call our office today to discuss your filling options, and find out if white fillings are right for you.
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